A support project for young brazilian athletes who dream with a winning trajectory and a better life through sport

Meraki Beneficent Institute is a non-profit organization intended to help young Brazilian athletes who dream with a winning history in sport.

We collect donations and forward them to athletes registered in our system, allowing them to continue investing in their careers and plan a better future.

We can take the sport further with our effort and your collaboration!

We operate in a very simple way: we receive donations from our supporters and forward the values ​​to young athletes registered in the Meraki development program.

Reminding that we also accept donations in the form of services - you can help by publicizing the initiative, attracting more supporters or participating as a volunteer in our actions.

If you want to support young athletes, but don't know where to start, join Meraki!


The power of sport to transform lives

Be a supporter

Participate in the overcoming history of Meraki athletes, and make a DONATION. You can contribute once or periodically, as you see fit.

The value will be destined to young people who are part of our network, enabling them to continue their winning trajectories in sport.

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Be a Meraki athlete

Join our team of young athletes who put their soul and heart to overcome challenges, and who know how sport can transform a life.

Fill out our form to check your eligibility and start receiving donations.

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Be a Meraki volunteer

Join our volunteers network, and make a difference in the trajectory of Meraki athletes too. Our employees are spread throughout Brazil.

Regardless of the area of ​​expertise, we believe that the desire to make a difference is one of the great engines of Meraki, and that is why your help is most welcome!

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Meraki programs

Learn more about our support programs for young athletes, and find out how you can be part of our network.

If you love the sport and know how it can contribute to the training of thousands of young Brazilians, here is the right place to make it happen!

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