The Meraki Beneficent Association believes that sport has the power to transform the lives of young athletes, forming individuals with solid and exemplary values, capable of inspiring and truly impacting our society.

We want to contribute so that all this potential becomes real stories, of young people who had the opportunity to make their dreams come true in sport and so plan for a better future.

We are a platform that connects sport supporters and young athletes. We collect donations and direct them to needy athletes who are investing in a high performance trajectory, who depend on this financial aid to evolve.

Meraki is a non-profit organization, created by people who love sport and who know that it provides greater achievements than a podium or a gold medal.

With a lot of transparency and collaboration, together we can make many lives better and form a network that will boost the trajectory of thousands of young people in Brazil going forward.


Luciana Kikuchi- president/co founder

I am a doctor and today I work in the research area. I started swimming at 5 years old, in Londrina (PR) - I trained for over 10 years and participated in several competitions around Brazil. Sport has a lot of importance in my life and in the life of my family - it gave me a lot more than medals, and it provided the connection with different people and the formation of long-lasting relationships. It also taught me a lot - I learned that recognition results from effort, work and dedication. My dream is to be able to support young athletes who are committed to the values ​​of the sport, and that the lack of financial support is not a barrier to dedicate themselves to their dream.

Fabiane Fujii - vice-president/co founder

I am a doctor specialized in ophthalmology. I was a tennis player in my youth, when I participated in many championships. I continue to dedicate myself to field tennis, I love street running and I recently included beach tennis in my life.I have two children, who are black belts in taekwondo, and today they are dedicated to competitive swimming. I believe in the value of sport, and that respect, dedication and perseverance are lessons that it leaves for a lifetime.

Rodrigo Kikuchi - co founder

I am a doctor and I am aware that part of what I am today was forged within the sport. Dedication, limit, resilience and living with the different are some of the prints that the 15 years of training and competitions in swimming left on me. These are values ​​that I try to pass on to my children, because I believe that these characteristics make not only better citizens, but better people. We cannot allow children and adolescents to be cut off from this possibility of growth due to so little. Collaborating with initiatives that encourage the enrichment of each person as a human being has become one of my life philosophies.

Leandro Fujii - co founder

I'm an ophthalmologist. My childhood and youth were dedicated to sport - I have trained in karate, swimming, and I have dedicated myself especially to tennis.Currently I still participate in tennis championships and this offers me to see and live with old friends, seekers and long-term. I really believe that sport transforms our lives.